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My week in iPhone pictures…

Taken on the iPhone  and processed with the ‘Polarize’ App. Simple but sweet, just right for a Sunday. Maybe I’ll make this a regular feature? Tell me what you think:) They still have a wintry feel about them- look at the deliciously furry coats on the ponies- but the clocks have sprung forward this morning […]

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The Photography Parlour…

The hugely accomplished and energetic Rosie Parsons has somehow managed to find the time to set up a new blog  to encourage and support fledgling pro photogs- like me!- and I have been profiled today! Veeeery excited. To be honest, it’s very easy for a photographer new to the business to be a little intimidated […]

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Everyone loves a bump!

Especially when there are twins inside:) Emma came for her portrait session on Tuesday to celebrate these much loved and much wanted babies, who were making their prescence felt throughout the shoot in a very active way! Emma was a real trooper and was up for having a go at anything I suggested. She insisted […]

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Orla, part deux

That sunny spring day seems distant now- we’ve had nothing but rain for the past couple of days. Perfect weather for photo editing though! Here’s a little more of Orla, a little over 18 months and full of beans. And that last one is Orla modelling exactly the way I’m feeling right now, so off […]

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If I ruled the world…

Every shoot would be the first shoot of spring- and every shoot would be as fun as this one with little Orla. Speedy Orla! She loves a chase, but who cares on such a lovely day. Here is a little hint of the images I’m editing right now;

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