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And now, a short intermission….

So, I’ve reached the end of my blog posting marathon- November has certainly been a month to remember for me, with 30 posts in 30 days. Phew. *mops brow*. I’ve got a lovely one to end with, too, my final family shoot for the year. Light and Day Photography is now officially closed for the season! The next couple […]

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Before and After…. what a little photoshop can do….

I thought I’d do a quick post today showing a before and after… There are infinitesimal ways of  editing an image, and a large part of the photographer’s skill is in knowing what to do, how much, and when to stop. In this case, it was all about Bethan’s eyes, freckles, gorgeous hair, and the red brick […]

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Child’s Eye View of a Photo Shoot….

So this woman called Maz in a big stripey jumper came to Granny’s house, and we had to go outside and play even though it was a long time since lunch and I was cosy by the Aga with a cup of milky tea. Anyway I suppose it was quite good fun and once the […]

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