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‘I quote others only the better to express myself…’

Sometimes it seems the only accomplishment my education ever bestowed on me, the ability to think in quotations. Margaret Drabble. I love quotations- I have journals full of little snippets that I write down from here and there.  They may be affirmations for what I know to be true but have forgotten, (You first have […]

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My Boys…

I stumble through it all, leaning on you. No matter what happens, you make me smile. When I’m less than I could be, you are Always there…. ….Love. x

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Why Do You Do What You Do?

  Why Do You Do What You Do? This is how I answered that question on March 1, 2008, when I was in the middle of a four year stint of educating our son Ollie at home, having taken the mind bendingly unavoidable decision to remove him from the school system at age 6, after […]

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Just as much as we see in others, we have in ourselves

“Just as much as we see in others, we have in ourselves.” ~William Hazlitt When we set foot on the path to greater achievement , whether it’s improving our photography skills, or training for a 5k, or learning to dance salsa, it’s easy, stimulating and often beneficial to look to our peers for inspiration and […]

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