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We’re Back:)

Yes, I am still here; we’ve been on our hols- more news of that later I think. I indulged myself in a few portraits of my nearest and dearest. So here are my babes. And yes, Sophie’s eyes really are that colour. Focus of much admiration from young New York waiters, I might add! Very […]

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Why photography?

What is photography, and why is it important? Let’s hold hands, sit in a circle and contemplate our navels together for a moment. I’m always interested to understand our motivation to photograph and be photographed; I suspect the reasons are myriad and varied, from the philanthropic to the self indulgent. On a global level, photography […]

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Just for fun {Family Portrait Photographer, Chepstow}

Occasionally I like to play a bit. This was a lovely image to start with, straight out of the camera, but I thought I could bring something else to the pictorial party with a texture and sepia tone.  I think this one might just be made into a canvas… just for me:)

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A week in iPhone pictures 2…The gratitude attitude.

On my eclectic and overambitious reading list this week is 59 seconds by Dr Richard Wiseman, as I continue to indulge my addiction for self help tomes thinly veiled as science. Oh, I love me a bit of psychology. Anything with an ‘ology’, as Maureen Lipman used to say. Dr Wiseman has kindly rounded up […]

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