Chantalle- Beauty Photography

Chantalle and I are in the same business. That is, making women feel amazing. We may use different tools- for me it’s lots of lovely natural light and some kick-ass Nikon lenses 🙂 and for Chantalle it’s a great team of practitioners in skin care and non surgical treatment at the Sugarbox Clinic – but our understanding of women is the same. We believe that we are all beautiful, we just need a little help from time to time, in believing it. We don’t set out to change our clients into someone different, just to enhance and accentuate the positive, that is already there in spadefuls. 

Having been busy with family shoots over the summer, a house move and lots of renovations it has been some while since I shot a ‘Renaissance‘ session, and this was the first I’ve shot at my new home/ studio, and quite literally, the paint was still drying, and I was somewhat anxious that I would be able to pull it off after ‘so long’! So a huge thank you to Chantalle for putting her trust in me and also to my buddy Sarah Stone who helped me on the shoot.

Clearly Chantalle is a natural beauty with bone structure to die for and a heart and soul to match, which really shines in front of the camera, but she would be the first to admit that she has her own insecurities in front of the camera, and it was lovely to see her confidence build through the shoot. I’m so happy with these images, and think it’s interesting the variety of moods we managed to capture in one shoot. I’d love to hear your thoughts 🙂

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