“Cousins are the friends you keep forever.”

I LOVED this shoot! A  relaxed, playful extended family- lots of cousins prepared to be crazily, happily, utterly themselves for a summer soaked evening a few weeks ago. The shoot was a surprise for Grandpa’s 70th birthday. What was so lovely was that the family chose the shots to frame for a special gift that show exactly what this family is about- togetherness, humour, real family spirit. After a few directed group shots (I wouldn’t exactly call them ‘formal’ shots!) I let them loose in the Uplands outdoor studio (the field 😉 ) and snapped away while they danced and laughed in the long grass….

I was lucky enough to grow up amongst lots of cousins and spent happy summers with uncles and aunties who were like my parents but more forgiving! And cousins who are close friends to this day.

Here is mum with her 3 lovely daughters. Look how big those smiles are! I hope Grandpa had a tear in his eye when he saw this shot…

The family love shots in Black and White, which is great news for me as that is where my roots are; I grew up processing film in a makeshift darkroom and there is still something magical for me about monochrome. Timeless, simple, emotive.

Ah, happy days.

I’ll let the family have the last word…

“Hi Maz, we had an absolutely fabulous afternoon with you on Thursday. It was an afternoon we won’t forget. All of us fell in love with your home and you! You made our afternoon fun and relaxed and we are truly thrilled with photos – thank you so much!”




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