Happy days and Hot dogs {Dog Photography, Chepstow}

Every year I have the delightful job of photographing the Redhound for Dogs seasonal collection of dog beds, collars, bandanas, woolly jumpers and waxed coats. It’s always a thrill, and blimmin hard work! I’ve learnt a huge amount about how to handle dogs, (and owners!) and how to show the personality and spirit of the dogs whilst showcasing the products to their best advantage. These canine characters teach me so much about humilty, patience and humour. I love this annual gig! This year we had the old stalwarts of our modelling portfolio, Redhound’s own Bruno, (above and below) and Light and Day’s own Miller. And we had the pleasure of introducing young upstarts Ted, Benji, and Pepper.

I admit I lost a bit of my heart to Ted- those come to bed eyes!

He showed us his good side, his really good side, and his really. really good side….

In short, he nailed it…..

Bruno and Pepper watch from the sidelines….

Oh bless you, Pepper, you are trying SO hard! Chin down just a little bit, darling….. bit more…. just a bit more….

That’s it! Smile with your eyes :))

And now there’s no stopping her…..

Now, call me biased, but THIS is what it’s about… Miller, looking proud and mighty despite the decidedly girly bandana. A true professional. Sell it darling, sell it…..

Like most unruly and competitive siblings these two are a tag team in attitude. This is as good as it got for an image of the both of them….

.. whilst Bruno shows us again, and again, how it’s really done. Way to go, Bruno.

That’s better, Pepper, NOW you’re getting the hang of it. Butter wouldn’t melt? Just try me…..

Enter stage left, right and all over the place, Benji, a Daxi/ Jack Russell ; frisky, feisty, fun and fearless. He gave us his all, and then some. Boy, for half that energy!

You did know orange is the new black, right? The colour of creativity, adventure, optimism. C’mon, dogs, you should ALL be wearing orange right now…..

I seriously could photograph this amazing dog all day, every day. He has an aura that soothes and calms everyone around him. Even being asked to model a Christmas snood in 26 degrees didn’t phase him… though did I detect a whisper of disdain at having to even contemplate the “C” word this early in the year?

All in all, a successful shoot. Dog, human, and camera triumphed over the sweltering day and we collapsed, tired and happy, as the sun finally set. Job done, for another year!

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